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Illuminated Pointers

Illuminated Pointers

  • Main elements of the illuminated pointers are their geometric design and regular illumination.

    To attain this, light source and pointer design must harmonise perfectly. We support our customers in this accomplishment thanks to our experience and our special light simulation software.

  • The high-quality pointers are first moulded with tooling having high-gloss polished surfaces and then printed. Depending on the design of the pointer and its application, counterweights might become necessary.

Our standard illuminated pointers are high-quality components for elaborated car instrumentation and related applications

Technical Data

Plastics Polycarbonate Tolerances Push-on and pull-off force +/- 30 N
Injection moulding tool maximum with 8 cavities Printing process Tampon printing
Type of gating Tunnel gate Counterweights CuZn and zinc diecasting