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Continuous Insert Moulding

Connecting Block

Example of product: Connecting Block

  • The pins of the connecting block are used to automatically wind the bobbin wires.

    The strip is continuously fed. The wires are also fed from the reel and cut within the injection tool.


  • In the automatic stamping press, the parts are separated from the insert moulded strip, then sorted and stored by cavities.

    The complete production process is monitored by cameras.


Technical Data

  • Original Size

  • Plastic

    LCP - Vectra E130


    X5 Cr Ni 18-12
    Steel-chrome-nickel alloy


    Cu Sn6 square
    0.38 x 0.38 solder-coated

    moulding tool

    8 cavities

    Type of gating

    Hot runner via manifold
    nozzles with film gate

    Stamping tool